Aciqra 2.3.2 Final เป็นท้องฟ้าจำลองเสมือนจริง

Aciqra 2.3.2 Final
Aciqra is virtual planetarium and sky mapping program which tracks celestial bodies including planets, deep sky objects and stars to an accuracy of a fraction of a degree for thousands of years into both the future and the past.
Tycho-2 star catalog w/ 2.5 million stars
Full NGC and IC catalogs w/ 13000 deep space objects
Interface designed for efficiency
Correction for atmospheric refraction
Night vision mode
Correction for nutation and precession
Calculate proper motions for stars
Selecting objects to show details
Constellation boundaries
Save current view as an image
Angle indicator (simulates views from an eyepiece)
Comets and asteroids tracking
Earth's umbra and penumbra for lunar eclipse simulations
New release finder and downloader

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