Internet Explorer 10.0 Final (x86/x64)

Internet Explorer – the final version of the most common web browser in the world, created for the convenience of users in Internete.Sovershenno new browser for business. Smooth and fast, it was specifically designed for devices with touch input, with full support for comfortable work on traditional computers with unmatched security tools and is compatible with existing Web applications.
- It is safer than their predecessors
- Independent settings – failure of one of them will not hang the browser as a whole
- Supports the advanced technology Web Slices
- Optimized internal search
- Support for standards
- Integration with OS
Internet Explorer 10 quickly opens the page, and allows them to work as smoothly as the applications installed on your computer – in fact, you will not notice the difference. According to the results of an independent study conducted by Strangeloop Networks, Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 Download 2000 most visited sites online stores faster than all other browsers, including 8% faster than Chrome 20.
In addition to faster loading, IE10 allows faster to perform familiar tasks. You can attach sites on the “Start” Windows 8 and go to your favorite pages with one click, to search the Internet with the Wonder Button Windows 8, instantly share content using both the built-in apps (Mail, People) and the application of Shop Windows (by contract Share). You can even go to, for example, on the next page of search results simply turning a familiar movement page.
10 version of Internet Explorer has been a leader in protecting against malware and social engineering, including phishing, despite the fact that competitors will continue to release new versions of their browsers. The main tool to protect Internet Explorer 10 – Filter URL SmartScreen. To date, Smart Screen has blocked over 1.5 billion phishing attacks, and continues to block up to 5 million cases of social engineering every day. As a leader in this area, Microsoft sees its task continuously improving security algorithms in order to provide customers and partners with the highest level of safety in the use of Internet Explorer.
If you look at the comparison of the effectiveness of the protection of different browsers in more detail, it is clear that Internet Explorer shows an overwhelming advantage in the ability to detect and block dangerous URL and downloads.
It should also be noted that the security services to Internet Explorer only takes a few days to protect users from emerging threats, and security is always at the highest level.
In addition to protecting against threats, Internet Explorer provides employees with the highest level of confidentiality, ensuring the data integrity of your company. Tracking Protection feature (tracking protection) is enabled by default, which means the inability of third-party sites to monitor the actions of your employees. In addition, the option to view sites InPtivate help further secure the data when accessed from public computers.
Also in Internet Explorer 10 is available enhanced protection mode enabled by default in the main, “tablet” mode Internet Explorer. This mode provides even greater protection against Web-based attacks, and is in addition to the protection provided by SmartScreen filter to block access to Web-based applications to the operating system.
Ready for Business
Companies invest significant money and resources in web applications for business. When migrating to Internet Explorer 10 you do not lose the investment made in the application for IE8 and older versions of the browser. IE10 supports the same compatibility modes, as his predecessors: IE9, IE8, IE7 compatibility mode and IE6 (Quirks).
Internet Explorer 10 supports the latest standards, which means you are free to use technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, SVG to create great Web applications.
And, of course, Internet Explorer can be deployed and configured by IT professionals using familiar tools such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT).
Internet Explorer supports the latest standards of HTML5: App Cashe, Drag and Drop, Parsing, Sendbox, WebSockets and others; CSS3, including advanced technologies such as the Flexible Box (Flexbox) layout and Grid layout, as well as effects such as 3-D transforms. Standard CSS Device adaptation to optimize site design for optimum display on different devices with minimal effort.
Less interface, more Internet
The employees are always on the move is needed not just a browser with support for touch input. They need a new type of device, and the new browser is designed to operate with your fingers.
Main features of Internet Explorer
Miracle of the buttons work the same way as any other application Windows 8
Greater value from each pixel screen sites can use a maximum of space, from edge to edge.
The address bar at the bottom of the screen, and appears only when needed
The new format of the tabs
Navigation with gestures
The menu, created to control the fingers
The browser provides excellent support for HTML5, which means there is no need to use plugins that slow down your computer and reduce battery life. Due to hardware acceleration, sites follow your every move without delay, as if you were working with an application installed on your computer. With this, you can always run the business applications that use plug-ins, such as ActiveX, in the mode of Internet Explorer for the desktop.
One of the most important features of Internet Explorer – its focus on sites that are always in focus. No tinsel – words are not distract from your web applications. In addition, with the Internet Explorer 10 can secure web sites and web applications on the task bar (in Windows 7), and even on the “Start” Windows 8. In this case, tile site will look the same as the dynamic tile applications from Windows Store. You will even be able to get updates or web application directly on the tile on the “Start” button, and find out about the latest news without having to open the site.

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