PhotoImp 1.03

A handy software utility that you can rely on to batch edit and convert images, read EXIF information or apply graphic watermarks. PhotoImp is an intuitive and feature-packed solution for exploring entire folders of pictures, selecting several of them, then batch enhance them. Not only can you automatically adjust the brightness level or easily convert all chosen items to another format, but you can also modify their size or overlay a watermark.
Just connect your camera and get you photos downloaded
Once you connect SD card (or camera) to your PC - all images will be copied (or moved) to your hard drive automatically. PhotoImp will create new folder in a format. It can also clean your camera. When import is finished - PhotoImp will show you recently imported photos. You can manually manage photos, drag&drop it to different folders, rotate, delete or edit.
View, manage, group rotate, group delete
Most of us are making a lot of duplicated shots, or just much more shots that you actually need. Me too. That's why you can really quickly delete or rotate images in PhotoImp. Not one-by-one, but also in a group, by selecting few images. You can also move images from one folder to another.
Auto enhance, auto w/balance, gamma, brightness, contrast, and more
You have most popular functions for editing of your photos.
Select images and click "Export" button to add watermark, convert and resize
Smart convert to one of the formats: .gif, .png, jpg, .tiff, .psd and advanced resize. You can also add an image watermark.

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